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Our Promise To You

Whilst nobody can offer guarantees in becoming a professional footballer, we can promise that we will work our absolute hardest to give you the best possible pathway opportunities, and development journey whilst with Euro Pro Football. With our structured player assessment reports (aligned with a multitude of professional clubs across the English pyramid, and the Professional Football Scout’s Association), online mentoring and in-house school of excellent centres, every single member of the team shares the same vision; a vision to help you become the best version of yourself.

Carlo Di Manno


Carlo’s professional and competitive footballing journey was cut short by injury when he was just 16 years of age.  Rejected by Chelsea FC following initial trials at 12 years of age, Carlo worked extremely hard on various aspects of his game and was subsequently scouted by Southampton FC 2 years later. Prevented from fulfilling his dream, Carlo went on to take his coaching badges and is a PFSA (professional football scouts association) assessor. Carlo has held many key positions in different industry sectors including Leisure and Sport at Director and CEO level.  Carlo is highly respected for delivering innovative and inspirational concepts and subscribes heavily towards the service ethic.

“Intrigued by coaching methods across Europe to Improve Individual Footballers I once asked a professional academy coach during a session in the UK why a particular young player looked so advanced in how his body moved and why his technical ability stood out from the group.  It became apparent that the young player had developed and maintained a programme of physiological movement patterns leading to superior technical ability whilst growing up in his country. At pro academy level, these methods are commonplace but not prominent at grass roots level with the emphasis on continued game play and practice without substance  which forms the base foundation.

It’s knowing how, when and what type of movements and technical components during and pre adolescence phase improves functionality and technical ability of players.  Working with sports professionals has enabled me to understand not only the anatomical differences, but also the physiological and psychological changes that each individual player will go through to compete at the highest possible level.

In collaboration with professional football clubs, Euro Pro Football have introduced a professional model into the grass roots football arena whereby great substance leads to improved technical ability and a better all round player during game play to which achievement can be measured in many ways………..Playing in a higher division or being recommended by Euro Pro Football for professional club trials.

Your journey begins with the STEP Assessment (hyperlink) and the formation of your FIFA style player rating profile to track performance and improvement but who’s to say that you may be recommended for professional club trials following your initial STEP Assessment!  I look forward to seeing many achievement stories and improved score ratings via our mentoring and schools of excellence programmes.   With the right attitude, work rate and commitment you can accomplish your goals and achieve more. Enjoy the experience and your journey as a footballer.”

“Individual results………It’s what we do”

Paul Scanlon


Captain of the school football team throughout his entire school years Paul went on to represent his district and county where he was approached by Arsenal FC and Brentford FC. Despite having a determined and positive attitude Paul was unsuccessful in breaking through at pro academy level but went on to represent various clubs at semi-professional level.  Paul remains extremely passionate about football and coaches/advises clubs at grass roots level. Together with Carlo Di Manno (Founder/CEO) many discussions took place regarding development of young players with the emphasis on the individual as opposed to “team” and “winning”.

“Prior to the formation of Euro Pro Football Carlo and I spent 18 months analysing grass roots training practices across Europe and same time, we visited various professional academies where we noted that physiological movement plays a huge part in a players’ overall technical performance.  We found that the individual was not overlooked with greater focus on functionality and movement of the body to enhance technical ability”.

The same methods were also being implemented at grass roots level within some countries. Putting this to the test I selected a boy and girl within our U12 category who were already trying to improve their technical ability using traditional block coaching/repetition methods. We assessed their technical ability including movement patterns, touch, directional changes, passing, and dribbling and noted the outcomes using a rating system. Following an 8-week period we introduced physiological movements, (Substance) hyperlink with particular emphasis on Mobility, Agility, and Pace. As a result of introducing these physiological practices, we noted technical increases compared to their original scores using our rating system. Players were able to move more freely and effectively and perform the technical drill at a higher intensity”.

Euro Pro Footballs’ holistic approach is about individual Assessment, Education, Learning, and Achievement. Combined with your willingness and desire to be the best you can be, we will help you achieve your goals.

Myles Smith

Director of Football

Myles is proud to say he doesn’t come from a professional playing background. Coming from a small town in Northern England with few opportunities, Myles has undertaken a different journey to many people in football and this has coloured his values and beliefs. Myles see’s the power of football beyond results and league standings, instead viewing it as a tool to promote growth and unlock potential for every individual across the globe.

Throughout his time working in various roles within various sports, including Premier League and Rugby Super League clubs, Myles has worked with a myriad of players across all levels, many of which have gone on to become celebrated International players. Declan Rice, Grady Diangana, Josh Cullen and Alisha Lehmann are a selection of players he has worked especially closely with.

He has won championships, cups and individual accolades too, Including the U23 Premier League Cup, Women’s Premier League Plate, and a Fa Cup final at Wembley stadium.

But although winning underlines everything we do, Myles remains proud of more than just the results that he’s been involved in. The programme he has created have changed lives.

“I strongly believe in providing opportunities for all. Using Football to act as a catalyst to grow the all-round person and promote any individual to be the best version of themselves, whilst ensuring enjoyment along their own individual, non-linear and unique journeys.”

Here at Euro Pro we strive to do exactly that, provide opportunities for everyone and encourage individuals to own their own journey.