Football Educational Programmes in Schools

What is FEPS?

Backed and respected by various bodies including the Independent Schools Association (ISA), the National Governance Association (NGA) and the English Football Schools Association (ESFA), the Football Educational Programme in Schools (FEPS) has been created as a long-term national initiative to bring individual football learning and development into schools across the UK. Discounted rates (up to 60%) have been built into the programme for parents/children (8 – 18 years) whilst school’s benefit from funding support.

Endorsed by current and ex professional players and coaches across the Men’s and Women’s game who have become ambassadors of Euro Pro Football, (See Ambassadors), FEPS is an ongoing National Initiative, open to all ages, genders and abilities, in which key practical focus areas are:-

Whilst football is taught in the UK at grass roots level, the current emphasis is placed on team development as opposed to individual.

Individual learning to ultimately improve within a team environment is somewhat neglected and whether you want to play at a higher level or be recommended for professional club trials, schools within the UK are being contacted to allow children of all abilities to participate.

How Does it Work?

Euro Pro Football assess, develop, educate and ultimately, recommend players to professional clubs who meet a certain criterion. We assess players using a performance rating system approved and endorsed by Premier League, Championship, League 1 & 2 clubs, Women’s Super League (WSL), Women’s Championships and Women’s National League This is called a S.T.E.P Assessment (Substance, Technique, Education & Personality).

How Do I Improve as a Football Player?

Following the S.T.E.P Assessment, to become a better INDIVIDUAL FOOTBALLER and increase your scores, players may be recommended to our practical EDUCATIONAL mentoring programmes and school of excellence sessions to improve on various LEARNING techniques to ACHIEVE specific goals.

Or players may be recommended for professional club trials following the initial STEP ASSESSMENT… It happens!

Euro Pro have seen many players attend mentoring and school of excellence programmes who have improved and progressed to be recommended for professional club trials. Discounted rates once again apply to parents/players via FEPS in your school.

Performance Rating Levels


Premier League
Women’s Super League
La Liga
Serie A
Ligue 1


Women’s Championship


EFL League 1
EFL League 2
Women’s National League 1
Women’s National League 2


School of Excellence


Mentoring Criteria

How Do I Participate in a FEPS Programme?

Children (8 – 18 years). Ask your Headteacher when FEPS is coming to your school

Schools can register here