Euro Pro Football in association with football clubs across Europe recommend talented young footballers who are considered ready for trials or a game assessment. Here are just a few comments received from our ambassadors.

Paul Konchesky

Ex Premier League Footballer – Current WSL Manager

Throughout my schoolboy/youth playing days, I had many challenges but I knew I could become a professional footballer if i worked hard and had great people to support and mentor me. Euro Pro Football is the modern day equivalent of the support I received, providing an holistic, nurturing environment for players to develop.

Julia Simic

Ex German International, Bundesliga and WSL Footballer

Euro Pro Football are leading the way in offering young females more opportunities. When I was on my pathway to becoming an International footballer, these opportunities didn’t exist, so I know how important this is, and how much this can help young girls with the dream of playing football.

Mark Philips

Premier League U18s Coach

With over 1.5 million young players playing organised football, It’s important you do everything you can to showcase yourself. Through their STEP Assessments, Euro Pro Football will give you the opportunity to be placed in-front of many professional teams across the English pyramid. But more importantly, they will work with you to develop all aspects of your game.

Claire Rafferty

GB Silver Medilist, International and WSL Footballer

Growing up, there were no opportunities for young aspiring female footballers. We must continue to increae female participation and I’m proud to represent an organisation that is doing just that. This is another step in right direction for Women’s football.

Billy Stewart

Ex Professional Goalkeeper, Current WSL Goalkeeper Coach

Despite challenges, rejection, and tough times, I kept going. I believed in myself, and I continued to work hard. We all have good and bad times in football, at every level. The key is ensuring you don’t let the bad times destroy you or your confidence, and don’t let the good times make you overconfident. Keep going and you will have your own story to tell in years to come.

Lewis Page

Current Professional Footballer

After being a part of a Premier League category 1 Academy for so many years, I have seen so many teammates face rejection. The journey to becoming a professional footballer isn’t an easy one, and sometimes you just need an opening and good people around you.  Thankfully, the guys at Euro Pro are there to help you with that journey. Starting with opening the door, ensuring they look after you every step of the way, and providing furhter opportunities at the right level for you. Thankfully, knowing the guys at Euro Pro, has allowed me to have a good, sucessful career, winning promotions, playing around various clubs and most importantly, enjoying my football.

Hakan Hussein

Premier League Academy Coach and Retention Scout

Having scouted and recruited some of the best young talents for a category 1, Premier League Club, I know how Important Euro Pro Football are. They will enhance your opportunities to be scouted through the relationships they have built with Premier League, EFL, National League and Women’s Super League Clubs, they will work with you on an individual basis to ensure you’re progressing at your own rate, and they have a real care for their players. Overall, an enviroment that’s doing it right.

Conor Coventry

Current Professional Footballer

Signing my professional contract at a Premier League club was dream come true, but it took a lot of work to achieve that. Working with Myles at Euro Pro helped to make that dream a reality. Through their cleverly designed STEP assessments, they will help to identify your key strengths and areas for imporvement, then joining their Mentoring or School of Excellence programmes will allow you to work on those key areas of development whilst having professional support you along your journey. More players need to know about this!

Dayle Southwell

Current Professional Footballer

The amount of relationships they have built across the whole English pyrmid, will ensure they can provide the right opportunity for you. Having had a sucessful career in the EFL, it’s important that players develop at their own rate. Euro Pro recognise this and guide you to the opportunities that are available to you. I recommend every aspiring footballer to go to them for help.

George Dobson

Current Professional Footballer

Having worked with Myles at Euro Pro in the past, my professional career took me across Europe. If you’re looking to develop as a footballer, Euro Pro Football can certainly help you.  Their key focus areas: Assessment, Education, Learning, and Achievement via 1 to 1 mentoring and schools of excellence ensure that you constantly improve as an individual player to aid your holistic development. Overall, everyone wants an achievement story, and these guys are the experts at helping you write yours.

Myles Smith

Football Coach

I strongly believe in providing opportunities for all. Using Football to act as a catalyst to grow the all-round person and promote any individual to be the best version of themselves, whilst ensuring enjoyment along their own individual, non-linear and unique journeys.