School of Excellence

Following your initial STEP assessment, your player rating profile may produce a total average score between 67.5 – 72.4 to which you are close to being recommended for professional club trials! At this stage, you will be recommended to attend one of our School of Excellence Centre’s to ‘hone in’ on key attributes.

In accordance with our STEP Model our Schools of Excellence Centre’s focus on individual improvement to better player assessment scores in the presence of UEFA Qualified Coaches/Assessors.

Key technical components are broken down in stages to improve overall substance and technique.

Sessions are specifically arranged to ensure that the quality of individual coaching remains as our primary objective, to which recommended Coach to player ratios are exceeded.

What to expect

Holistic player development

Professional Coaching (UEFA Qualified Assessors)

Focused 90 minute weekly personalised sessions

Specific technical practices delivered by UEFA qualified coaches, with the objective to develop key substance and technical attributes highlighted within your STEP Assessment.

Individual Development and Goal Setting plans, created by Professional Premier League/WSL academy coaches, and used by international footballers.

Individual physical profiling, incorporating a range of physical tests used by professional clubs.

Re-assessment of your player rating profile via a FREE Step Assessment (week 8)

8 Weeks

Score Requirement
67.5 – 72.4

Focus Attributes
Pace, Agility, Strength, Mobility, Stamina

Defending, Passing, Touch, Ball Striking, Dribbling

Awareness, Vision, Decision Making, Intelligence, Anticipation

Creativity, Leadership, Imagination, Confidence, Positivity

Age Range





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