Euro Pro Football is Internationally Recognised and Trusted by Professional Football Clubs Across Europe to Assess, Develop and Recommend Talented Young Footballers via an Approved Player Performance Rating Model. Professionals Supplying Professionals.

We want you to succeed in reaching the first stage in becoming a professional footballer which is to be recognised and put forward for professional club trials. This is achieved through our STEP Model (substance, technique, education, and personality) whereby 20 key attributes are assessed on the day of your assessment to provide you with a performance rating.

Following discussions with professional football clubs, performance rating levels have been set as follows:

Player Profile: At the time of booking your assessment, an online player profile will be automatically created. This will be your personalised portal to enable you to communicate with Euro Pro UEFA Coaches/Assessors and allow you to monitor and chart your journey.

Pre-Assessment Chat: You may be nervous which is understandable. If this is the case, please use the pre-assessment chat link on your confirmation email once you have booked the assessment. One of our UEFA Coaches/PFSA Assessors will be delighted to allay your fears and speak with you by phone or via a zoom call (parent/guardian to be present).

Euro Pro Football Kit: Full kit including shirt, shorts, and socks to be sent by courier. Sizes to be confirmed at the time of booking your assessment.

UEFA/PFSA Qualified Coaches and Assessors: All players to be evaluated in line with our STEP Model (20 key attributes).

Player Assessment Reporting System: Approved by Professional Football Clubs.

Professionally Structured 2.5 Hour Programme Combination of Progressive Technical Drills and Game Assessment.

Individual Development Plan: No matter the outcome, all players will be issued with their bespoke individual development plan as part of their player profile to improve on specific attributes.

Arrive at your assessment venue in good time so you can assess and feel comfortable in your surroundings. A light snack high in carbohydrates 60 minutes before the assessment will release energy and keep you energised.

Relax! You’re here to play football and that is what you enjoy and do best! Play with a smile on your face, be enthusiastic, do the simple things well and enjoy it! Our UEFA/PFSA Coaches and Assessors will ensure that you are made to feel very welcome.

Ensure you come prepared and bring the following for all eventualities: –

  • Your EURO PRO Football Kit (shirt, shorts and socks)
  • Cold gear/base layers including leggings beneath your kit can be worn during colder conditions
  • Clean boots (studs & moulded) and Astro Trainers dependant on surface you will be playing on
  • Sports bag containing change of clothing (wet weather)
  • Shin pads
  • Water bottle

Upon arrival, please make your way to the registration point where you will be welcomed by EURO PRO FOOTBALL staff. You will then be directed to the appropriate area.

You will be contacted within 7 days (look out for updates on your online player profile) during which time your player assessment report will be uploaded.

Video analysis software is used to film players (16 – 21 years of age) to which footage is subsequently released if applicable to clubs in the UK and Europe. You will be advised if footage is to be released during post STEP-assessment discussions once your player assessment report has been uploaded to your profile.

Our assessment hubs are held regularly at various locations across the Country. This is constantly reviewed with new locations being added throughout the UK.

Current Regions: –

  • Greater London
  • South East
  • East of England
  • South West
  • East Midlands
  • West Midlands
  • North West



* Optional Improvement Programmes
** Cost of re-assessment is reduced by 25% and a further 25% from
the original cost then fixed thereafter.